Scandinavian Association for Glycogen Storage Disease

Helping families with GSD to better treatment and connecting healthcare professionals


Meet the elite

Join the patients, doctors, dietians, and researchers

at Gronningen 15-17 June 2017

4th International GSD Conference



Detta är en patientförening för familjer med glykogenos eller som det också kallas Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). Det är ett nätverk för personer med alla typer av GSD i Sverige, Danmark och Norge. Genom nätverket kan vi utbyta information och lära oss av varandra. Medlemskap kostar bara 100 SEK/år. Kontakt oss for mer info. Läs mer om GSD: Socialstyrelsen



Dette er en patientforening for familier med glykogenose eller Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). Vores hensigt er et netværk for personer med alle typer af GSD i Sverige, Danmark og Norge. Gennem netværket kan vi udveksle oplysninger og lære af hinanden. Medlemskab koster 100 DKK/år. Kontakt os for mere info.



Dette er en pasientforening for familier med glykogenose eller Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). Vores hensigt er et nettverk for personer med alle typer GSD i Sverige, Danmark og Norge. Gjennom nettverket kan vi utveksle informasjon og lære av hverandre. Medlemskap koster bare 100 NOK/år. Kontakt oss for mer info.

Past activities

May 1-3, 2015

SAGSD Patient meeting

Munka Ljungby, Sweden

May 17-18, 2014

SAGSD Conference, Ängelholm, Sweden

May 2, 2013

Fundraising for SAGSD, Copenhagen, Denmark

April 27-28, 2013

SAGSD Patient Meeting, Ängelholm, Sweden

May 5-6, 2012

SAGSD Conference, Ängelholm, Sweden

August 28, 2011

Fundraising for SAGSD, Århus, Denmark

August 18, 2011

GSD Meeting on Type I, III, VI and IX for Scandinavian doctors and dietitians, Copenhagen, Denmark

Upcoming conference May 14-15, 2016 at Klitterhus hotel in Ängelholm, Sweden

Invited are patients, dietitians and doctors, national and international, with interest in the hepatic forms of Glycogen Storage Disease.

We thank in advance our two main sponsors for making the conference possible May 14-15, 2016:


The Scandinavian Association for Glycogen Storage Disease provides support and help for individuals and families affected by GSD. We will help doctors, dietitians and patients establishing contact, providing information and holding conferences and meetings. The SAGSD has members from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, both children and adults are members. So far we have 20 patients with several different GSD types in our association: Von Gierke’s disease (GSD I), Pompe’s disease (GSD II), Cori’s disease (GSD IIIa) and GSD IX. Find out more about our association by exploring the menus above.

Glycogen is a stored form of glucose, which is used as a fuel for energy. Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) or glycogenosis occurs when there is an absence or deficiency of an enzyme needed to produce or break down glycogen in the body. GSD primarily affects the liver and/or muscles.


100 km fundraising race in Denmark May 7, 2016

Rasmus Salomon, a friend of one of the families from Denmark with GSDIa has a mission. He wants to run 100 km for a good cause and he is not alone. So far he has attracted 10 elite runners to join his crazy race of running 50 laps in a 2 km track in his backyard in the small town of Ringsted. The mayor of Ringsted, Henrik Hvidsten will be present and doing an opening speach as well as run the first lap with the ultra marathon runners.

Rasmus Salomon has so far raised 34000 DKK from the sponsors and donations from family and friends, he has been on TV, in the new papers and we expect the same on the day of the race. It is quite an achievement. You can read more on his Facebook page: ”100 km sponsorløb for SAGSD”.

Here is a clip from Danish local television:

Click here: TV-clip regarding the fundraising project

All money raised at the 100 km race will go directly

to reduce the cost for patients and families at the

3rd SAGSD Conference, May 14-15 in Ängelholm,

Sweden. We have so far 93 people attending, both

Patients, families, doctors and dietitians from

Scandinavia, Germany, USA, Holland, Russia,

Spain and Great Brittan. We are very proud that

so many wish to join and support our great

Community. If it had not been for people like

Rasmus Salomon, the meeting would not be possible!         Thank you Rasmus!

We also admire and thank our sponsors for their moral and economic support!