Thank you all for attending the 2024 SAGSD Conference.

Thank you all for participating SAGSD 6th GSD conference for doctors, dietitians, and patients at Klitterhus Hotel in Ängelholm, Sweden 2024.

Its lovely to see the connecting between healthcare professionals, nationally and internationally together with patients, adults and kids. Sharing and providing information about this rare condition. Giving support and putting people in contact. A combined conference where healthcare professionals sit side-by-side with patients and families enabling interactions and learning from each other. Many interesting lectures and sessions were held from several renowned speakers. Together we improve the care for children and adults with glycogen storage disease (GSD). This has only been possible due to so many peoples interrest in attending and giving their support, both morally and economically! Thank you all! We hope to see many new and old faces in Ängelholm at the next conference the 8-9 May 2026..

Best regards,

Jessica, Louise, and Marcus

Board of the SAGSD

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